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Agile Tour Singapore

Business and Technology Conference  

for Entrepreneurs, Market Leaders and Agile enthusiasts

The world is changing swiftly and with each day the pace quickens. Business opportunities are tremendous, barriers to entry have never been so low and competition so fierce. Is your organization ready ?

In today's highly competitive environment, the pressure to improve time to market is relentless. Can you increase your team's performance, improve quality and reduce costs at the same time? Can your organization do more with less and remain highly innovative ? Is your organization making the right investments ?

Digital transformation is the largest business opportunity ever and agile approaches are the engine that power that revolution. Can larger organisations become as agile as Startups ? How can IT investments focus primarily on business ?

How do you plan to respond to change ? How agile do you want to be ?  How fast do you want to get there ?   Find practical solutions at Agile Tour 2015!

Across industries, teams are using agile approaches to deliver high value, high quality products; understand customer better and improve the way they work. Agile Tour Singapore 2015 is a technology and business conference for managers, executives, developers, coaches and consultants who want to collaborate and learn from local agile practitioners about Agile experiences in Singapore and the region. You will find the finest knowledge, resources and people at Agile Tour Singapore 2015.

Agile Tour Singapore 2015 goals are

- Give local community members the floor to showcase their agile initiatives to reinforce proven methods and illuminate innovations.
- Provide a pragmatic and business-oriented forum to share the whys and lessons learned of Agile experimentations.
- Assist enterprise-wide or team-centric adoption of Agile in Singapore and the region. 
- Expand the reach of Agile to all functions organizations from HR to Marketing as well as board members.
- Share actionable knowledge, valuable contacts and inspiration to fire up business leaders, innovators and developers to fuel the digital revolution.


DBS MBFC Tower 3 DBS - 12 Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Financial Center - Tower 3, 018982, Singapore Get Directions